орел рибар - моделиране-блиндирани-мото

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Дневник, подписано Орел Рибар Публикуване le livre «Modelling Armoured Vehicles – OSPREYS 43» .

Designed to appeal to all armour modellers from the beginner to the veteran this book details all the steps involved in creating a realistic and attractive model armoured vehicle. Each chapter is illustrated with a range of models covering the whole spectrum of armour modelling, including World War II armour as well as more modern subjects. The authors also cover techniques and subject areas in which they individually excel, highlighting the different tools and approaches required for each individual discipline. Lavishly illustrated with over 250 images, this book contains all the detailed, step-by-step information you need to become an expert armour modeller.

Източник: Орел Рибар Публикуване

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орел рибар - моделиране-блиндирани-мото
Моделиране на бронята – СКОП 43
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