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The year 1915

A review signed History and Collections the magazine "The year 1915 – Battles 10".

  • OPERATIONS : The offensive of Artois, may 1915
  • STRATEGY : The offensive in the Champagne, September 1915
  • COMMONWEALTH : The New Army at Loos-en-Gohelle
  • COMMAND : The command turco-German the Dardanelles
  • The ARMY OF the KAISER : Half-French success against strategic success of the German
  • AIR WAR : aviation in the battle of Champagne
  • THE BATTLE : Slaughter on the farm of Navarin
  • South-EAST FRONT : the French and The Dardanelles
  • EMPIRE CENTRAL : The Turkish army in 1914-1915

Source: History & Collections

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