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TopicThe secret weapons of the 3rd Reich

Second world war


A review signed History and Collections the magazine "The secret weapons of the 3rd Reich – Battles 06".

  • Secret weapons – The weapons of the last chance
  • Naval operations – The Kriegsmarine saves millions of germans
  • Strategy – The reduction of the pocket of Colmar
  • Concrete and fortifications – The Siegfried line
  • Soldiers lost – Charlemagne dies on the Oder
  • Air war – Dresden, on ash Wednesday
  • The gates of the reich – The campaign of prussia

Source: History & Collections

Wait, Searching Battle 06 for you...
Les armes secrètes du 3eme Reich - Batailles 06
The secret weapons of the 3rd Reich – Battles 06
Wait, Searching The secret weapons of the 3rd Reich for you...

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