XM-8 Oklepnih Pištolo Sistem

XM-8 Oklepnih Pištolo Sistem

Država ZDA
Vrsta Light tank
Fotografija David Lueck
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Opis Album 103 fotografije sprehod okoli "XM-8 Oklepnih Pištolo Sistem"

Galerija a XM-8 Oklepnih Pištolo Sistem,
The United Defense M8 Armored Gun System is an American light tank that was intended to replace the M551 Sheridan in the 82nd Airborne Division, as well as being expected to replace TOW-equipped Humvees in the 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment (2nd ACR). The M8 project was eventually canceled. Its role in the 2nd ACR was eventually taken by the M1128 Mobile Gun System.

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Wait, Searching XM-8 Armored Gun System photos for you…
Wait, Searching XM-8 Armored Gun System for you…
Vrsta Light tank
Teža 19-24t
Širina 2.69 m
Dolžina 8.9 m
Višina 2.55 m
Posadka 3 (Commander, Gunner, Driver)
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  • CAD of armored gun system
  • trumpeter xm8

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