Curtiss JN-4D Jenny

Curtiss JN-4D Jenny

РольУчебно-тренировочный самолет
ПостроенШесть тысяч восемьсот тринадцать

В Curtiss JN-4 “Jenny” was one of a series of “JN” biplanes built by the Curtiss Aeroplane Company of Hammondsport, New York, later the Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company. Although the Curtiss JN series was originally produced as a training aircraft for the U.S. Army, the “Jenny” (the common nickname derived from “JN-4”, with an open-topped four appearing as a Y) continued after World War I as a civil aircraft, as it became the “backbone of American postwar [civil] aviation.” Thousands of surplus Jennys were sold at bargain prices to private owners in the years after the war and became central to the barnstorming era that helped awaken America to civil aviation through much of the 1920s.

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Curtiss JN-4D Jenny Walk Around
ФотографыВладимир Якубов
Локализацияlying Heritage Collection, Everett
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Модели Олимпа - P72-001
Curtiss Jenny JN-4A/D (early)
Модели "Олимп"
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Lindberg - 534
Кертисс Дженни Классические Реплики Серии Линдберг
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