Míssil V-2

Míssil V-2

País Alemanha Nazista
Tipo Mísseis
Fotografia Vladimir Yakubov
Localize Unknow
Descrição Álbum de 29 fotos de caminhada ao redor de um "Míssil V-2"

Galeria de fotos de uma Míssil V-2,
The V-2 (German: Vergeltungswaffe 2, “Retribution Weapon 2”), technical name Aggregat 4 (A4), was the world’s first long-range guided ballistic missile. The missile with a liquid-propellant rocket engine was developed during the Second World War in Germany as a “vengeance weapon,” designed to attack Allied cities as retaliation for the Allied bombings against German cities. The V-2 rocket also became the first artificial object to cross the boundary of space with the vertical launch of MW 18014 on 20 June 1944.

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