Sd kfz 142

Sd kfz 142/1 – Sturmgeschutz 40 75mm Ausf G

Country  :  Nazi Germany
Type  :  Assault gun
Topic  : 

Album of 40 photos of a Sd kfz 142/1 – Sturmgeschutz 40 75mm Ausf G

Photo gallerey of a Sd kfz 142/1 – The Sturmgeschütz III (StuG III) assault gun was Germany’s most produced armoured fighting vehicle during World War II. It was built on the chassis of the proven Panzer III tank, replacing the turret with a fixed superstructure mounting a more powerful gun. Initially intended as a mobile, armoured light gun for direct-fire support for infantry, the StuG III was continually modified, and much like the later Jagdpanzer, was widely employed as a tank destroyer

Version Sturmgeschutz 40 75mm Ausf G, The Sd kfz 142/1 (Sturmgeschutz) : 8423 units produced from December 1942 to April 1945.

Source: Wikipedia

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Wait, Searching Sturmgeschutz 40 for you…

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