Combat Car T5E1

Combat Car T5E1

Country USA
Type Machine Fighting

Album of 47 photos of a tank Combat Car T5E1

Photo gallery of a Combat Car T5E1, Project Combat Car T5E1 was a production tank, which instead of the turret boxes and towers installed stationary armored conning tower. One of the conditions was to ensure the specification of machine-gun fire in all four directions. Accordingly, each of the side and rear wall to install a single 7.62-mm machine gun. In addition, one 7.62-mm machine gun M1919A4 and 12.7mm M2NV was established in frontal broneliste. Served them all crew members of four people, including the driver. On the roof of the superstructure, offset to starboard, located commander’s cupola with observation slits. The rest of the body corresponded to “war machine” M1.

Source: aviarmor

Wait, Searching Combat Car T5E1 photos for you…
Wait, Searching Combat Car T5E1 for you…

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