Panhard ERC90Sagaie

Panhard ERC90Sagaie

국가 프랑스
유형 여섯 바퀴 장갑 모든 지형 차량
사진 블라디미르 Yakubov
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The Panhard ERC 90 (Engin à Roues, Canon de 90 mm) is a French six-wheeled armoured all-terrain vehicle which is highly mobile and amphibious with an option of being NBC-proof. While various models were tested, only two versions of the ERC were developed and produced: the Lynx and the Sagaie. The main difference between the two versions is the type of turret and 90 mm gun fitted. Sagaie is French for assegai, a type of African spear.

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Wait, Searching Panhard ERC 90 Sagaie for you…

유형 장갑차
체중 8.3 tonnes
길이 7.7 metres
2.50 metres
고도 2.25 metres
운영 범위 730 kilometres
속도 90 km/h

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