Dodge WC-57

Dodge WC-57

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The Dodge WC series was a range of light military trucks produced by Dodge and Fargo during World War II. The series included weapon carriers, telephone installation trucks, ambulances, reconnaissance vehicles, mobile workshops and command cars. They were replaced after the war by the Dodge M-series vehicles. WC was a Dodge model code: W for 1941 and C for half-ton rating. The C code was retained for the ¾ ton and 1½ ton 6×6 Dodges.

The WC57 Truck, Command Reconnaissance, 3/4 ton, 4×4 w/Winch Dodge (G502) was identical to the WC56 but fitted with a Braden MU2 5,000 lb / 2 268 kg capacity winch at the front bumper. 6,010 built.

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Tekniset tiedot
Pituus 4,46 m
Korkeus 2,07 m
Paino 2 560 kg
Leveys 2,00 m

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