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The Deutsches Afrikakorps (abbreviated Afrika Korps, Afrikakorps, or DAK) was the headquarters controlling the German divisions of panzers in the desert of Libya and Egypt to western, and then in Tunisia, during the Second world War. Little by little, the name Afrika Korps included the HQ and the military units that were attached to it.
The DAK was formed on the 19th February 1941, after the decision to send an expeditionary force in Libya1 to support the troops of Mussolini. In effect, the Italians were blocked by the counter-offensive of the Viii british corps, counter-offensive, called Operation Compass. The expeditionary force German was commanded by General Erwin Rommel and originally had one mission-to recapture the Cyrenaica and Libya. The DAK has never been accused of a war crime.

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Afrika Korps - Armor At War 7021
Afrika Korps – Armor At War 7021
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