Pz。Kpfw。 IV文书和标语牌-弓箭手AR35358



Pz.Kpfw. IV instruments and placards

Ref AR35358

A sheet of Dry Transferts of the brand 弓箭手Pz.Kpfw. IV instruments and placards – Archer AR35358

DRY TRANSFERS : Builds two vehicles. Kit-specific instruments and placards for the Trumpeter kit #00389, the interior of which can fit most Pz.IV kits. Builds two models with alternate tachometers and extras for other projects or if you mess up. Comes with illustrated instructions and Wet Media Paper for easy positioning and application.

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Pz。Kpfw。 IV文书和标语牌-弓箭手AR35358
Pz。Kpfw。 IV文书和标语牌–弓箭手AR35358
Pz。Kpfw。 IV文书和标语牌-弓箭手AR35358
Pz。Kpfw。 IV文书和标语牌–弓箭手AR35358
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