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Maschinengewehr MG01 – MG42 – machine-Gun


A documentation signed Waffen Arsenal the magazine "Maschinengewehr MG01 – MG42 – Waffen Arsenal 180" .

La Maschinengewehr 42 German, more known under its code of nomenclature MG42, is regarded as one of the best machine guns of the Second world War. The first weapons arrived in the units during the year 1942. It was widely used by the infantry of the Wehrmacht during the second half of the Second world War and its derivatives by modern, chambrés in the 7.62 NATO, are still in service in many countries.

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Maschinengewehr MG01 - MG42 - Waffen Arsenal 180
Maschinengewehr MG01 – MG42 – Waffen Arsenal 180
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