Beuteflak - Waffen Arsenal Sonderband 39

Waffen Arsenal




A documentation signed Waffen Arsenal the magazine "Beuteflak – Wydawnictwo Militaria Sonderband 39" .

Histoire: Flak is the abbreviation of the German word Fliegerabwehrkanone, meaning " anti-aircraft gun ". The word can be taken according to two directions : flak (n. f., itself an abbreviation of the Flakartillerie) is the generic name of the units of anti-aircraft batteries, static, or units of DCA attached to the fighting units ; the flak (n. m.) may designate an anti-aircraft gun (for example the Flak 43).

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Beuteflak - Waffen Arsenal Sonderband 39
Beuteflak – Waffen Arsenal Sonderband 39
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