Bf 109E-7/B - WWII tyska Fighter-Bomber - ICM 72135



Bf 109E-7/B – WWII tyska Fighter-Bomber

En modell av varumärke ICM : satsen Bf 109E-7/B – WWII German Fighter-Bomber – ICM 72135 .

The Messerschmitt Bf 109 is a symbol of German Luftwaffe air power. This aircraft belonged to the first generation of 30s high-speed fighter-monoplanes, and late versions were produced to the end of WWII. The modification Bf 109E-7 was appeared in Summer 1940. Bf 109E-7/B aircraft were equipped with bomb racks and could carry bomb load up to 500 kg. Bf 109E-7/B fighter-bombers participated in battles in Balkans, North Africa and in the Soviet-German front in 1941-1942. This particular kit is the very first attempt of ICM to release Bf 109E-7/B plastic kit in 1:72 scale into the market. The model kit includes SC 250 bomb on ETC 500 IXb bomb rack and four SC 50 bombs on ETC 50 VIIId bomb rack. 2 versions decal sheet included.

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ICM 72135 - Bf 109E-7/B - WWII tyska Fighter-Bomber
Bf 109E-7/B – WWII tyska Fighter-Bomber – ICM 72135
Bf 109E-7/B - WWII tyska Fighter-Bomber - ICM 72135
Bf 109E-7/B – WWII tyska Fighter-Bomber – ICM 72135
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