12,8 cm-Kanone (К 81/2) - Ace-Modeller 72521


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12,8cm Kanone (К 81/2)

En modell av varumärke Ace-Modeller kitet: 12,8cm Kanone (К 81/2) – Ace Models 72521.

12.8 cm Kanone 81(K-81/2) was a German heavy anti-tank gun designed to fight against heavy Soviet tanks like IS-2. The German army had encountered the Russian 122 mm guns and had issued a requirement for a similar weapon. Approximately 50 barrels and breeches were used on existing carriages. The weapon that used the ex-French GPF-T carriage was known as the K 81/1 while the K 81/2 used the ex-Russian A-19/ML-20 carriages with shield and balancing gear removed. the cradle and recoil system were discarded and the 128mm gun was mounted in a ring cradle similar to that used on the 81/1. Another version K 81/2 was also built, in which original Russian equilibrators were retained.

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12,8 cm-Kanone (К 81/2) - Ace-Modeller 72521
12,8 cm-Kanone (К 81/2) – Ace-Modeller 72521
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