Hauitzer od 3,7 inča

QF 3.7-inch howitzer

ZemljaVelike britanije
UloguPlaninski pištolj
U službi1917–Present

Ordnance, QF 3,7-inčni haubica je planinski pištolj, koji koriste britanske i komonveltove vojske u Prvom i Drugom svetskom ratu, i između ratova.

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Više informacija:

The QF 3.7-inch howitzer was a versatile and effective weapon that served the British and Commonwealth armies in various theatres of war. It was designed as a mountain gun that could be easily dismantled and transported by mules or pack animals across rugged terrain. It had a hydro-pneumatic recoil system that allowed it to fire at high angles without displacing the carriage. It fired a range of shells, including high explosive, smoke, shrapnel and armour-piercing.
The QF 3.7-inch howitzer saw action in both world wars, especially in regions where conventional field artillery was impractical or unavailable. It was used in Mesopotamia, East Africa, North Africa, Italy, Burma and India. It proved to be a reliable and accurate gun that could support infantry attacks, suppress enemy fire or create smoke screens. It was also mounted on some tanks as a close support weapon.
The QF 3.7-inch howitzer remained in service until the 1970s, when it was replaced by more modern artillery pieces. It is regarded as one of the best mountain guns ever produced by Britain.

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