Nachang A-5 Fantan

Nanchang Q-5

ZemljaPeople’s Republika Kina
UloguAvioni sa kopnenim napadom
Prvi let10 June 1965

Čaj Nanchang Q-5 (Chinese: 强-5; pinyin: Qiang-5; NATO reporting name: Fantan), also known as the A-5 in its export versions, is a Chinese-built single seat, twin jet engine ground-attack aircraft based on the Soviet MiG-19. However, the aircraft is primarily used for close air support.

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Nachang A-5 Fantan Walk Around
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The Nanchang Q-5 is a ground-attack aircraft developed by China in the 1960s, based on the Shenyang J-6 fighter jet. The Q-5, also known as the A-5 in its export versions, has a NATO reporting name of Fantan. The Q-5 has a distinctive design with side air intakes, a long fuselage with an internal weapons bay, and swept wings. The Q-5 can carry up to 2,000 kg of various weapons, including bombs, rockets, missiles and torpedoes.
The Q-5 has two 23mm cannons mounted in the wings for strafing targets. The Q-5 has a maximum speed of Mach 1 and a combat radius of 600 km. The Q-5 was first flown in 1965 and entered service in 1970. It was used by the People’s Liberation Army Air Force and Navy, as well as by Pakistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh. The Q-5 was retired by Pakistan in 2011 and by Bangladesh in 2015. The Q-5 was once considered the pride of China’s aviation industry, as it was the first indigenous supersonic attack aircraft.

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