Тенкови корпуса морске пешадије САД Другог Светског Рата-нев вангуард 186

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New Vanguard 186

ИлустраторРичард Цхасеморе

During World War II, the US Marine Corps formed six tank battalions that battled through the harsh conditions of the Pacific Theatre. Using the same basic tanks as the US Army, notably the M3 and M5A1 light tanks and the M4 Sherman medium tank, the marines made both technical and tactical innovations to make them more effective in the fight against the Japanese. Deep wading equipment, flamethrower tanks, and even wooden armor all became part of the Marine arsenal. This book examines the tactics and technology that made the US Marine Corps tank service unique in the annals of warfare.

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Тенкови корпуса морске пешадије САД Другог Светског Рата-нев вангуард 186
Тенкови америчких маринаца Другог Светског Рата – нев Вангуард 186
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