Пз.Кпфв.VI Tiger I Аусф.Е мид production - ITALERI 6507


Реф 6507
ТипМодел кит

Пз.Кпфв.VI Тигар I Аусф.E просечна производња

Модел бренда ITALERI комплет Pz.Kpfw.VI Tiger I Ausf.E mid production – ITALERI 6507.

У Тигар И tank, which has been produced in the second half of 1943, was based on the hull of the firstoperational version used in North Africa and Russia. At the beginning this tank had wheels with rubber rim,which will be replaced in the following productions starting from February 1944, but it was equipped withthe new turret with increased protection and better cupola for the commander. Besides some of thesevehicles maintained the characteristic system of dust filters Feifel, and the smoke grenade launchers. On thetanks produced since August 1943 was also applied a magnetic mine paste that will become standard on alltanks of the German Army.

Извор: Italeri

Пз.Кпфв.VI Tiger I Аусф.Е мид production - ITALERI 6507
Пз.Кпфв.VI Tiger I Аусф.Е мид production – ITALERI 6507
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