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Model blagovne znamke ITALERI the kit M109G – ITALERI 235.

V M-109 medium self-propelled Howitzer first saw combat during the Vietnam War. The first major deployments came in 1966. This vehicle has proved to be a robust and dependable machine that is still in production nearly 20 years after its initial batch left the assembly lines.

It is used by practically all major armies in the world including various neutral countries. Its real test was in the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. It had been used by Israel along the Suez in 1970, but also in the War of 1973 and most recently in the Lebanon War in 1982. The M-109 is the most widely and universality used self-propelled gun in the world.

Vir: M109G by Italeri

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M109G - ITALERI 235
M109G – ITALERI 235
M109G - ITALERI 235
M109G – ITALERI 235
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