US 90mm M2 proti lietadlová zbraň

US 90mm M2 proti lietadlová zbraň

KrajinySpojené štáty americké
TypProti lietadlová zbraň

Fotogaléria z a US 90mm M2 proti lietadlová zbraň, The American 90 mm gun served as a primary heavy anti-aircraft and anti-tank gun, playing a role similar to the renowned German 88 mm gun. It was the US’s primary anti-aircraft gun from just prior to the opening of World War II into the 1950s, when most anti-aircraft artillery was replaced by guided missile systems. As a tank gun, it was the main weapon of the M36 tank destroyer and M26 Pershing tank, as well as a number of post-war tanks.

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Wait, Searching US 90mm M2 Anti-Aircraft Gun photos for you…
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The US 90mm M2 Anti-Aircraft Gun was a heavy artillery piece used by the United States Army during World War II and the Korean War. It was designed to shoot down enemy aircraft at high altitudes and long ranges, as well as to provide direct fire support against ground targets. The M2 had a maximum range of 17,823 meters and a maximum ceiling of 10,973 meters. It fired a 90mm shell that weighed 10.6 kilograms and had a muzzle velocity of 823 meters per second. The M2 was mounted on a four-wheeled carriage that could be towed by a truck or tractor. The gun had a crew of eight men and could fire up to 20 rounds per minute. The M2 was one of the most effective anti-aircraft guns of its time and was widely used by the US Army and its allies in various theaters of war. It was also adapted for use as a tank destroyer and an anti-tank gun, with different ammunition types and sights. The M2 was eventually replaced by the more advanced M3 90mm gun in the late 1950s.

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