Štyri formulové nádrže [Tito] Prototyp - jemné formy FM33

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Four formula tank [Tito] Prototype

Ref FM33

Model značky Jemné formy súprava Four formula tank [Tito] Prototype – Fine Molds FM33

The tank, testing was done prototype of two-car was completed in four to the end of the war where it is planned to focus on anti-tank combat. Was completed was only this prototype car, preparing for the mass production in parallel already this time is underway, design drawings you want to change to a shape in consideration of productivity were drawn. I assumes that it has the upper body shape that is different from the prototype mold was finished in the end of the war at the time, equipped with a 75 mm cannon of long gun barrel turret same tank three formulas this production model.

Štyri formulové nádrže [Tito] Prototyp - jemné formy FM33
Štyri formula nádrže [Tito] Prototyp - Jemné formy FM33
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