Yamato battlecruiser - Revell 5813


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Yamato battlecruiser

A model of the brand Revell the kit: Yamato battlecruiser – Revell 5813.

One of the largest, heaviest battleships ever constructed, the Yamato displaced a whopping 72,800 tons at full load. She was armed with nine 46 cm (18 in) main guns, which is the largest caliber artillery ever recorded for any warship. Surprisingly, the only time the Yamato ever fired her guns was during the Battle of Leyte Gulf in October 1944. Today, her legacy lives on at the Yamato Museum, which opened in 2005 to educate visitors about Japan’s rich naval history. Kit features a waterline hull and anti-aircraft guns.

Source: Yamato battlecruiser on Revell

Yamato battlecruiser - Revell 5813
Yamato battlecruiser – Revell 5813
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