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TipoArmored Security Vehicle
FotógrafoJeff DeRosa – Michael Bradley

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Galeria de fotos de uma M1117 ASV, The M1117 Guardian Armored Security Vehicle, or ASV, is an internal security vehicle manufactured by Textron Marine & Land Systems for use by the U.S. Army’s Military Police Corps. The design is greatly inspired by french VAB. Its armament consists of an Mk 19 grenade launcher and M2HB Browning machine gun, mounted in a turret similar to that used on the U.S. Marine Corps’ Amphibious Assault Vehicle; and a M240H Medium Machine Gun mounted outside the gunner’s hatch. The vehicle was popular with American military police and convoy security units in Iraq. It is a more heavily protected and heavily armed alternative to the armored Humvee which was not originally designed to be a protected fighting vehicle.

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