BMD-1 - Ace Models 72114

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BMD-1 – Ace Models 72114

Um modelo da marca Ás Modelos the kit: BMD-1 – Ace Models 72114.

BMD-1. -Boevaya Mashina Desanta ( Airborne Combat Vehicle) – was designed as an airborne counterpart of the army’s best armored infantry vehicle, the BMP-1. Both vehicles shared the same armament system: a single-man turret with a 73mm Grom low-pressure gun and a launcher for 9M14M Maliutka anti-tank missile. Because the BMD was designed for airborne drop, it’s size and weight had to be considerably trimmed – combat loaded weight under 7 tons (over 13 for BMP).

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BMD-1 - Ace Models 72114
BMD-1 – Ace Models 72114
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