Brytyjski silnik-broń łodzi 1939-45 - nowy samochód ciężarowy 166

Publikacja Osprey

SeriaNowy Vanguard
AuthorAngus Konstam
IlustratorTony Brian

Dokumentacja podpisana Publikacja Osprey le livre «British Motor Gun Boat 1939–45 – NEW VANGUARD 166» .

Motor Gun Boats were the “Spitfires of the Seas” of the Royal Navy. Bristling with small-calibre guns and machine guns, they served in a variety of roles during the War. In the early war period they battled against German E-boats in the English Channel, then went on the offensive, searching the enemy shore for targets of opportunity. At other times, they ran support for Motor Torpedo Boats and were used to deliver commandos on various raids. Naval Warfare expert, Angus Konstam, tells the story of these small, but destructive boats, beginning with their design and development and carrying through to their operational use in both the European and Mediterranean theatres of World War II.

Źródło: Publikacja Osprey

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Brytyjski silnik-broń łodzi 1939-45 - nowy samochód ciężarowy 166
Brytyjski silnik-broń łodzi 1939-45 – nowy samochód ciężarowy 166
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