ZMAJ Fizir FN Mars Walter I

Zmaj Fizir FN

RoleTrainer aircraft
First flightMay 1929
Built206 + 4 floatplane

The Zmaj Fizir FN (Serbian Cyrillic: Змај Физир ФН) was a plane designed for primary (initial) training of pilots in Yugoslavia before World War II. It was constructed in Zmaj, a Zemun-based factory, in the Rogožarski factory in Belgrade, and Albatros in Sremska Mitrovica. Fizir FN had an exceptional low-speed stability, a desirable trait for a training aircraft, and was reliable and easy to maintain. It was also widely used as a sport aircraft.

Source: Zmaj Fizir FN on Wikipedia

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The Zmaj Fizir FN was a biplane trainer designed by Rudolf Fizir and built by Zmaj, Rogožarski and Albatros factories in Yugoslavia before World War II. It was used for primary training of pilots in the Yugoslav Royal Air Force and also as a sport aircraft by various aero clubs.
The aircraft had a wooden structure covered with canvas and was powered by either a Walter NZ 120 or a Mercedes D.II engine. It had excellent low-speed stability and reliability, making it suitable for novice pilots. The Zmaj Fizir FN first flew in May 1929 and entered service in 1931. A total of 206 aircraft were produced until 1940, plus four floatplane variants.

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