Hawker Hurricane Mk.Jeg w/3 Tall - Tamiya 37011


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Hawker Hurricane Mk.I m / 3 Fig

Included aircraft parts are product of Italeri. Fabric-covered rear fuselage accurately reproduced in molded plastic. Cowlings may be detached to reveal the Merlin engine even after assembly. Includes photo-etched parts for cockpit details. 2 kinds of spinners and propellers included. 2 pilot and 1 commander figures manufactured by Tamiya (total of 3) and 6 Marking Options included. Comes with a Photographic Reference Manual (A5-sized, 36 pages).

Together with the Spitfire, the Hawker Hurricane was one of the representative RAF fighters of WWII. This low-wing monoplane with wide-track retractable landing gear and eight 7.7mm machine guns incorporated proven biplane features such as a tubular frame. Although Hurricanes were outperformed by the Luftwaffe’s more advanced Messerschmitt Bf 109Es, the Battle of Britain in July 1940 saw Spitfires engage escorting Bf109s while Hurricanes went after the bombers. As a result of judicious unit management and pilot bravery, the RAF inflicted heavy losses on the Luftwaffe and were eventually able to claim a hard-fought victory. This Tamiya special release is made up of two manufactures products to give modelers access to one exclusive kit.

Kilde: Hawker Hurricane Mk.I on Tamiya

Tamiya 37011 - Hawker Hurricane
Hawker Hurricane Mk.Jeg w/3 Tall – Tamiya 37011
Hawker Hurricane Mk.Jeg w/3 Tall - Tamiya 37011
Hawker Hurricane Mk.Jeg w/3 Tall – Tamiya 37011
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