M4 (76mm) Sherman Medium Tank 1943-65 - NYE VANGUARD 73

Osprey Publishing

SerieNye Vanguard
ForfatterSteven J Zaloga
IllustratorJim Laurier

En dokumentasjon signert Osprey Publishing le livre «M4 (76mm) Sherman Medium Tank 1943–65 – NEW VANGUARD 73» .

The M4 Sherman tank was the mainstay of the Western allies between 1942 and 1945. Fast and modern it was a big success and was transported as far afield as Russia and North Africa. The American Chief of Staff claimed in November 1943 it was ‘hailed widely as the best tank on the battlefield today…’. However, by the Normandy invasion of June 1944 this was not the case: the new German heavy tanks such as the Panther and Tiger were completely outclassing the Sherman. This title covers the M4 version armed with the 76 mm gun, examining developments such as the HVSS suspension, using much new archive material.

Kilde: osprey

M4 (76mm) Sherman Medium Tank 1943-65 - NYE VANGUARD 73
M4 (76mm) Sherman Medium Tank 1943-65 – NYE VANGUARD 73
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