U. S. S. Ingersoll DELTAET III SSBN - Cyber-Hobby 7114


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U.S.S. Ingersoll (DD-990) + DELTA III SSBN

En modell av merkevaren Cyber-Hobby settet : U.S.S. Ingersoll + DELTA III SSBN – Cyber-Hobby 7114.

Fortunately the Cold War never boiled over into armed combat between the USA and USSR. If it had, at the forefront would have been naval vessels fighting to dominate the oceans. Such a conflict would have included surface combatants playing cat and mouse with enemy submarines. The newest Orange Box set offers such likely adversaries – a Soviet Delta III nuclear-missile submarine and a US Navy destroyer. The 13,500-ton Delta class SSBN formed the backbone of the Soviet submarine fleet after its introduction in 1973. The Delta III (Project 667BDR) carried 16 R-29-family Vysota nuclear ballistic missiles, and 14 such Kalmar-class SSBNs were built. USS Ingersoll (DD 990), a Spruance-class vessel, was one of those destroyers that would have been tasked with countering Soviet submarines. This particular 8,040-ton ship was commissioned in 1980, and after a relatively short service life it was decommissioned in 1998.

Both these vessels are represented by superb 1/700 scale plastic models. Modelers will find that the well-engineered parts precisely fit together. Of course, as an Orange Box item, this versatile Cold War naval combination offers a simply unbeatable price. Now modelers can recreate those tense bygone days of the Cold War, where the USA and USSR faced off above and below the waves!

Kilde: U.S.S. Ingersoll on Cybber-Hobby

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U. S. S. Ingersoll DELTAET III SSBN - Cyber-Hobby 7114
U. S. S. Ingersoll DELTAET III SSBN – Cyber-Hobby 7114
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