GAZ-AAA Cargo Truck - MINIART 35127



GAZ-AAA Cargo Truck

A mock-up of the 2011 brand MiniArt le kit de char "GAZ-AAA Cargo Truck – MINIART 35127" .

This kit contains 490 parts. The box contains the model of the truck cargo and 5 minifigures.

Histoire: The soviet truck all-terrain GAS-AAA is a cargo truck of capacity 2 t. GAZ-AAA is the modification of the triaxial GAZ-AA, which has been published on the design of Ford-Timken. Usually the GAS-AAA was used for the service in the Red Army. Its different series (1934-1943) were produced 37 373 copies. Large quantities of trucks were captured and used by the German army during the Second world War.

Source: GAS on Wikipedia

GAZ-AAA Cargo Truck - MINIART 35127
GAZ-AAA Cargo Truck – MINIART 35127
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