IJA Type94 빛의 장갑차 TK 늦은-정밀 금형 FM19

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IJA Type94 빛의 장갑차 TK 늦

Ref FM19

브랜드의 모델 정밀한 금형 이 키트 IJA Tank Destroyer Type 3 HONI III – Fine Molds FM20

Been developed for the purpose of transporting supplies and infantry support in the front, it was the core of the early days of the Army cavalry, light armored vehicles ninety-four formula is [TK]. Two-seater body are grouped into very compact, a machine gun armed挺6.5mm. From 1937 until the end of the war, transportation, contact, such as reconnaissance was active. ■ type and type repair late : Light armor formula ninety-four has been developed with the aim of supporting infantry transport and goods in the front lines, starting with the incident Shina size with an extremely compact two – seater, important until the conclusion of the War has been appointed as an armored force. Late in production has increased the stability of the traveling-by shooting when things changed to a large rear wheel guidance, to be grounded.

IJA Type94 빛의 장갑차 TK 늦은-정밀 금형 FM19
IJA Type94 빛의 장갑차 TK 늦은–정밀 금형 FM19
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