Sd. Kfz. 167 Sturmgeschütz IV - ITALERI 6491


Réf Six thousand four hundred ninety one
SubjectSd. Car. 167 Sturmgeschütz IV

Une maquette de chez ITALERI le kit "Sd. Car. 167 Sturmgeschütz IV – ITALERI 6491"

The Sturmgeschutz (StuG) was used in fire support of infantry. The StuG were very successful in their original role, to destroy, among other things, bunkers, casemates and innumerable other defenses. The StuG is not generally considered as a char because of the lack of the turret. The cannon is mounted directly in a casemate, with the profile as low as possible, so as to reduce the height, with a slope limited by the canon. The absence of the turret induces the production more simple and more economic to produce a large number. The StuG IV (SdKfz167) was armed with a canon 75mm STUK 40L/48 mounted with a shield “Saukopf” cast iron. The majority has been assigned in divisions of infantry and armored panzer divisions of grenadiers.

Source: Sturmgeschütz IV chez Italeri

Sd. Car. 167 Sturmgeschütz IV - ITALERI 6491
Sd. Car. 167 Sturmgeschütz IV – ITALERI 6491
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