M1918A1 155mm Howitzer - Walk Around

M1918A1 155mm Obice

PaeseUSA, France
Galleria fotografica di un M1918A1 155mm Obice, This was a French gun, one of the 58 purchased by the U.S. for war service during World War I. Styled the Grand Puissance, or ‘high power’ (GPF), it was successful weapon named in honor of its French designer, Captain Filloux. I was so useful that American industry manufactured large numbers, which were designated Gun 155mm M1918.

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M1918A1 155mm Howitzer
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US 155mm GPF Model 1918 Coast Defense Gun
FotografoVladimir Yakubov
IndividuareFort MacArthur, San Pedro
Wait, Searching M1918A1 155mm Howitzer for you…

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