M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank 1982-92 - NEW VANGUARD 02

Osprey Publishing

Serie ANuova Avanguardia
AutoreSteven J Zaloga
IllustratorPietro Sarson

Un libro firmato da Osprey Publishing the «M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank 1982–92 – NEW VANGUARD 02» .

The M1 Abrams was the most radical departure in US tank design since World War II. Until the advent of the M1 in the early 1980s, the US Army had relied on the steady evolution of the M26 Pershing tank, through the M46, M47, M48 and M60. The M1 design came at a time when there were a host of important new tank technologies coming to fruition, in terms of structure and weaponry: these were integrated into it. This book details the design, development and operational use of one of the world’s best main battle tanks.

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M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank 1982-92 - NEW VANGUARD 02
M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank 1982-92 - NUOVA AVANGUARDIA 02
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