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A levegőben 6pdr Anti-tank fegyver

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Ez a A levegőben version of the 6pdr. anti-tank gun. It was modified by reducing the carriage to fit the 4’6” width of the Horsa glider and had the trail legs hinged in the middle to further accomodate transit. Further changes included relocation of the Elevation Wheel and reducing sides of the lower shield. They would be used by the British in airborne actions in Normandy, Arnhem and in the Rhine Crossing. The US Airborne Command had rejected their British copy of the 6pdr., the 57 mm M1 as unfit for airlanding by glider due to weight and resultantly adopted the British Airborne version instead. The 82nd and 101st were so equiped for the Normandy airdrops and referred to them as simply 57mm guns. The US paratroops used them against German armour near St Mere Eglise and Carentan, however few tanks were encountered and they were mostly used for support.

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