Auto Repair Équipage Master Box MB3582

La Boîte Principale

Ref MB3582
TypeFigurines militaires

Auto-Repair Crew

Un modèle de la marque La Boîte Principale le kit: Auto-Repair Crew – Master Box MB3582.

Contenu : This kit is a new interpretation of old kit MB 3560 “German Motorcycle Repair Crew” so if you missed out the first time this can be used on a few different vehicles. Earlier this kit was released together with motorcycle, and correspondingly it was very expensive. As these figures were projected initially as universal and they are suited for any type of ground technique well and also in connection with that lately a lot of soft skin vehicles in 1/35 scale MasterBox have released these figures separately in a new box that make them available at a great price and suitable for dioramas with any type of automobile or armour technique.

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Auto Repair Équipage Master Box MB3582
Auto-Réparation de l'Équipage – Maître de la Boîte de MB3582
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