US M7 Priest Ammunition Storages - E.T.MODEL E35-062



Set US M7 Priest Ammunition Storages

A set of photo signed E. T. Model le set : "WWII US M7 Priest Ammunition Storages"

Officially designated under the name of 105mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M7, the M7 Priest is a self-propelled gun produced during the Second world War by the United States. Priest is the nickname given by the British, due to the fact that the machine gun placed on a rail gave the impression that the tank was equipped with a chair. It was as a result of the Bishop English and they referred to him formally 105mm SP Priest. (The british loved to give names in relation to the religion to their self-propelled guns (Priest = priest Bishop = bishop, Sexton = sexton), a tradition that lasted until the 1960s with the Abbot (abbot).)


US M7 Priest Ammunition Storages - E.T.MODEL E35-062
US M7 Priest Ammunition Storages – E.T.MODEL E35-062
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