T-34/76 Keskmise Tanki 1941-45 - UUED VANGUARD 09

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New Vanguard 09

IllustratorPeter Sarson

Raamatute Kalakotkas Kirjastamine the book «T-34/76 Medium Tank 1941–45 – NEW VANGUARD 09» .

The T-34 was the most influential tank design of World War 2. When first introduced into combat in the summer of 1941, it represented a revolutionary leap forward in tank design. Its firepower, armour protection and mobility were superior to that of any other medium tank of the period. This superiority did not last long. While the T-34 underwent a series of incremental improvements during 1943, it was being surpassed by new German tank designs, most notably the Panther. This title traces the life of the original T-34 through all its difficulties to eventual success.

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T-34/76 Keskmise Tanki 1941-45 - UUED VANGUARD 09
T-34/76 Keskmise Tanki 1941-45 – UUED VANGUARD 09
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