Saksa Armee Veoauto V3000S – ICM 35411



German Army Truck V3000S

Komplekt alates brändi ICM : the “V3000S (1941production), German Army Truck".


Modern warfare requires tons of supplies to be brought to front-line units. Without mechanized transport for supplies, military endeavors will quickly deteriorate. No army knew this better than the Nazi Heer during WWII. They decided to standardize all of their trucks to make finding replacement parts easier. The V3000S 3-ton truck was the design they chose. From bullets to bratwursts, these trucks transported everything the Heer used. This kit features detailed engine parts and surface features plus, authentic decals for four German vehicles.

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Saksa Armee Veoauto V3000S – ICM 35411
Saksa Armee Veoauto V3000S – ICM 35411
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  • ICM 35411
  • ICM 독일군
  • ija type 94 6-wheeled truck
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  • грузовики немецкой армии
  • брдм-3
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  • Maquette Nouvelle Camion
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  • ドイツ軍のトラック

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