USS Albacore

USS Albacore

PaísEstados UNIDOS
PapelLa investigación submarina
LanzadoEl 1 de agosto de 1953
Clausura9 de diciembre de 1972

USS Albacore (AGSS-569) was a unique research submarine that pioneered the American version of the teardrop hull form (sometimes referred to as an “Albacore hull”) of modern submarines. The revolutionary design was derived from extensive hydrodynamic and wind tunnel testing, with an emphasis on underwater speed and maneuverability.[3] She was the third ship of the United States Navy to be named for the albacore. Her keel was laid down on 15 March 1952 by the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard of Kittery, Maine. She was launched on 1 August 1953, sponsored by Mrs. J. E. Jowers, the widow of Chief Motor Machinist’s Mate Arthur L. Stanton, lost with the second Albacore (SS-218), and commissioned on 6 December 1953 with Lieutenant Commander Kenneth C. Gummerson in command

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USS Albacore Walk Around
PhotographerBill Maloney
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