USS Μασαχουσέτη BB-59

USS Μασαχουσέτη BB-59

ΦωτογραφίαVladimir Yakubov
ΕντοπίστεΘωρηκτό Cove, Fall River, MA
ΠεριγραφήΆλμπουμ 676 φωτογραφίες με τα πόδια-γύρω από το "USS Μασαχουσέτη BB-59"

Συλλογή φωτογραφιών της USS Μασαχουσέτη BB-59, USS Massachusetts (BB-59), known as “Big Mamie” to her crewmembers during World War II, was a battleship of the second South Dakota class. She was the seventh ship of the United States Navy to be named in honor of the sixth state, and one of two ships of her class (along with her sister Alabama) to be donated for use as a museum ship. Massachusetts has the distinction of having fired the US Navy’s first and last 16-in (406 mm) shells of the war.

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