45mm 53-Κ ΣΤΟ πυροβόλο όπλο Mod.1937

45 mm anti-tank gun M1937

ΡόλοΑντιαρματικό όπλο

Teh 45 mm anti-tank gun model 1937 (factory designation 53-K) was a light quick-firing anti-tank gun used in the first stage of the German-Soviet War. It was created by Soviet artillery designer M.N. Loginov after the arrest and execution of former designer V. von Behring. Due to insufficient armor penetration it was replaced in service by the long-barreled 45 mm anti-tank gun M1942 (M-42).

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The 45 mm anti-tank gun M1937 was a Soviet weapon that was widely used during World War II. It was designed to combat the German tanks that were superior to the Soviet ones in terms of armor and firepower. The gun had a high muzzle velocity and could penetrate up to 43 mm of armor at 500 meters. It was also effective against fortified positions and infantry. The gun was mounted on a two-wheeled carriage that could be towed by horses or trucks. It had a crew of four or five men and could fire up to 15 rounds per minute. The gun was reliable and easy to operate, but it had some drawbacks. It was heavy and difficult to maneuver in rough terrain. It also had a low elevation angle and a short range compared to other anti-tank guns. The gun became obsolete by 1943, when the German tanks improved their armor and the Soviet tanks became more powerful. The gun was replaced by the 57 mm anti-tank gun ZIS-2 and the 76 mm divisional gun ZIS-3.

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