Jemné Formy FW1 - IJN Císařské Námořnictvo torpédoborec Ajanami

Jemné Formy


IJN Císařské Námořnictvo torpédoborec Ajanami

Ref FW1

Model značky Jemné Formy sada IJN Destroyer AMAGIRI with PT-Boat PT-109 – Fine Molds FW2

Five countries victors of the First World War, including Japan, by the Washington Naval Treaty was signed in the year (1928) 1922, Japan has become that further aircraft carrier-battleship is subject to restrictions on ownership even the cruiser. Navy was forced to the need to review the concept of maritime defense until then, in order to enhance the light cruiser following auxiliary vessels not subject to limits of the treaty, and then embarked on expansion and enhancement of the first destroyer. Kan No. 1 is handed over to the year (1928) 1928, destroyer, also called type “special” since, but now the hull larger, than the destroyer of the traditional, should be noted that compared to their size There is a high performance sail heavily armed and were significantly improved, the appearance of this ship is said to be shocked the powers. It also has an accomplished in the Senka large vessels (one of which vessels sunk) vessels that damage to two U.S. destroyers in the Third Battle of Solomon.

Jemné Formy FW1 - IJN Císařské Námořnictvo torpédoborec Ajanami
IJN Císařské Námořnictvo torpédoborec Ajanami – Jemné Formy FW1
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