AFV Club 35S56 - T-34/85 174 Factory - Transparent Hull

AFV Club

Ref 35S56

T-34/85 174 Factory – Transparent Hull

A model of the brand AFV Club the kit: T-34/85 174 Factory – Transparent Hull – AFV Club 35S56.

Clear turret and upper hull parts(Limited 5000 sets). Precisely replicates engine and engine housing. Highly detailed transmission system. Driving and fighting compartments were accurately recreated. Metal gun barrel with rifling. Precision photo-etched parts are included. Clear parts for all periscope vision blocks. Realistic Suspension System with Metal Coil Springs.

AFV Club 35S56 - T-34/85 174 Factory - Transparent Hull
T-34/85 174 Factory – Transparent Hull – AFV Club 35S56
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