Strv 74

Stridsvagn 74

ТипОсновной боевой танк
ФотографияThord Wedman

Альбом 95 фотографии прогулку вокруг «Stridsvagn 74»

Фото галерея Stridsvagn 74, Stridsvagn 74 (strv 74) was a Swedish tank in use with the Swedish Army from 1958 to 1984. It was a modification of the older stridsvagn m/42 which was phased out of service in the 1950s. Instead of scrapping the vehicles altogether, the chassis were used to build a new tank which could be used as a supplement to the newly bought stridsvagn 101. The turret of strv 74 was completely new, with a 75 mm high-velocity gun based on an old anti-aircraft gun, engines and transmission were modified or changed from the strv m/42, broader tracks and a separate electrical engine for the turret rotation was introduced while retaining the manual control as a backup.

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Подождите, поиск Stridsvagn 74 фотографии для вас...
Подождите, поиск Stridsvagn 74 для вас...

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