2cm Oerlikon-Flak-28-WalkAround

2cm Oerlikon – Flak-28

СтранаURSS & Others
РольAnti-Aircraft Gun
Photo gallery of a 2cm Oerlikon, The design of this legendary weapon since 1914! The German army was the first to use it on its aircraft during the Great War. Its designer, Reinhold Becker, transfer its invention in 1919 to Switzerland, which entrusts the production Semag firm soon absorbed by the Werkzeug Maschinenfabrik Oerlikon. The UK, like the main belligerents in the second world war, acquires the license.
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2cm Oerlikon – Flak-28 – WalkAround
Wait, Searching 2cm Oerlikon – Flak-28 for you…

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