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Альбом 23 фотографии прогулку вокруг «МАН ТГА 5т»

Фото галерея MAN TGA 5t, Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH, or RMMV, is a joint-venture company between the German companies MAN Nutzfahrzeuge AG and Rheinmetall AG to merge their Military Division (MAN Nutzfahrzeuge) and Corporate Sector Defence (Rheinmetall). The new firm was founded on 12 January 2010. The headquarters is in Munich and the production facilities are located in Kassel, Germany, and Vienna, Austria. The approval for the merger was given by the Bundeskartellamt on 22 February.

Источник: Человек TGA 5т на Википедии

Подождите, поиск человека ТГА 5т фотографии для вас...
Подождите, поиск человека ТГА 5т для вас...
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