German Destroyer Z-38 - Narvik Class - Revell 5106


Ref 5106
Type Model
Scale 1/700

German Destroyer Z-38 (Narvik Class)

A model of the brand Revell the kit: German Destroyer Z-38 – Narvik Class – Revell 5106.

Launched on August 5, 1941, the Z38 was the second-to-last 1936A (Mob) sub-class destroyer built for the Kriegsmarine. Like other ships in her class, the Z38 recycled elements – including 150 mm twin turrets – from planned “O”-class battlecruisers. Renamed “Nonsuch” by Great Britain after WWII’s end, the Z38 served as a test ship before she was scrapped in 1949. Kit features a waterline hull, a deck with extensive superstructures, four 150 mm guns, eight torpedo tubes, lifeboats and marking options for four “Narvik Klasse” destroyers: Z31, Z33, Z37 and Z38.

Source: German Destroyer Z-38 on Revell

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German Destroyer Z-38 - Narvik Class - Revell 5106
German Destroyer Z-38 – Narvik Class – Revell 5106
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